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The height of the western peak of Elbrus – the highest point in Russia and Europe – was adopted in the name of Arkady Novikov’s restaurant. The restaurant 5642 VYSOTA is "conquered" without carbines and safety ropes. The category of the route’s complexity is easy: between Kitay-gorod and Lubyanka – in the environment of the numerous ministries and business centers in Bolshoy Cherkassky Lane.
Inside it is even more interesting. The space design of 5642 VYSOTA was created by the designers of NB-Studio by Natalya Belonogova. The high concrete ceilings safely show various reinforcing designs and metal pipes. Urbanism is added also by the walls with the purposely raw laying from the Nizhny Novgorod brick of the XIX century. However, a little aggressive style is easily compensated by the wooden tables, low multi-colored chairs, a floor made of oak and impressive stone tile. Sliding high windows are responsible for pleasant lighting. And still – semi-antique massive shod chandeliers of handwork and numerous lamps – glass in the form of bottles and metal. You can see the play of the light translucent stained-glass windows from red-hot yellow-orange glass. All this gives a rise to the interior full of nobility and aristocratism.
It is necessary to conquer this "peak" not only for the purpose of the views, but also for the purpose of the taste. In the main hall of restaurant there is an open kitchen covered with gammons and bunches of various herbs with a 2-meter brazier which is a territory of the chief Vladimir Bogozhavts. It completely controls the preparation of the dishes by the cooks – carriers of culinary traditions. Fatima Dmitriyenko is responsible for the Adighe direction. She is specialized in hichina, gentle chicken in sour cream Kabardian-style, gedlibzhe and lyagur which is dried on the nettle fire. There are also specialists responsible for the Georgian dishes – lobio, kharcho, chakhokhbili and others. By the way, the national positions are prepared with the local products: chicken, cheese, sour cream, honey … – all is delivered from the vicinity of the Mt. Elbrus.


Chef 5642 VYSOTA




A love for cooking in case of Vladimir Bogozhavets appeared in childhood. "My mother and grandmother cooked very delicious food” - says chef. - I loved to witness the process and help them. Therefore, at an early age, I knew that I wanted to become a Chef. "After school Vladimir Bogozhavets received a specialized secondary and then higher education (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics specialty “process engineering”). Bogozhavets Vladimir started his cooperation with Novikov Group beginning with the project "Gusyatnikoff" - from the Chef to sous-chef. He worked in the position of Sous-chef in the restaurant BOLSHOI. Together with our colleagues Alexander Ibragimov created the cuisine at LUCE. Vladimir helped to develop the Russian menu in the restaurant "Aist". One of the projects - cafe "Tchaikovsky", where Vladimir Bogozhavets was invited for the position of Chef. Since March 2014 - Chef at Arkady Novikov’s new project "5642 VYSOTA." Vladimir Bogozhavets preferred kitchen style simple. He believes that food should be simple, understandable, and most importantly - delicious. "In the preparation of a dish, it is important to use the high quality products, as well as comply with the principles of seasonality," - says Chef.
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Moscow, Bolshoy Cherkassky ln., 15-17, bld. 1 +7 495 624 9321, +7 495 621 3064

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