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The first record of the building which now Beloe solntse pustyni restaurant occupies dates back to the end of the 19th century, according to the Moscow historical archives. Initially there was a famous tavern. Then the building was sold and there appeared a French café was opened instead. During the stern post-revolutionary years there was an officer cafeteria and in 1951 the Ministry of trade of the Uzbek SSR decided to open there Uzbekistan restaurant.
In 1997 restaurant keeper Arkady Novikov became the new proprietor of Uzbekistan. He began the restoration of the rooms and decided to transform the former banquet room into a conceptual restaurant Beloe solntse pustyni which reflected in its unique interior all the colour of the famous film with the same name. It is since the opening of this restaurant that the story of Beloe solntse pustyni.
The main scenes of the film were the principal source of inspiration for the design of the rooms: they are decorated with dolls looking like the main characters, unique photos from the shooting stage with autographs and best wishes from the director of the film Beloe solntse pustyni Vladimir Motyl who was the honorable guest and the friend of the restaurant.
All the year round in the aryks (open artificial ponds) of the restaurant you can fish which our chefs cook according to their signature Uzbek and Chinese recipes. If they wish, our guests can choose or even catch the starlet the like.
In summer Beloe solntse pustyni traditionally opens its cozy patio looking on the historical Neglinnaya Street. The restaurant also has a common green courtyard with Uzbekistan restaurant where one can hear our fantastic peacocks singing. Even during the hottest days it is fresh and comfortable in here thanks to a modern air-conditioner. Our guests can watch dishes being cooked on the barbecue and tandoor on both summer patios.
Today in the menu of Beloe solntse pustyni restaurant you can find Uzbek, Arabic, Azerbaijani and Panasian dishes. The decoration of our restaurant is a an oriental buffet called “dastarkhan”. Dastarkhan is a tree which is full of apples and butterflies or sometimes flowers, and in winter the branches are covered with white snow. There you can find various oriental starters, preserves, pickles and pastry.
We cook all our dishes according to the national and ancient eastern traditions: shish kebab is prepared only on a charcoal grill (even in winter) and is served on a tripod called “taganchik” together with hot coals. All the day round flatbread is cooked in a clay tandoor.
Some national dishes are prepared in front of guests, for example, a juicy mountain lamb marinated in cognac with spice is roasted on a hunting spit. The lamb wrapped in foil is revolving over scorching coals for several hours, then chefs take it off and carry it across the whole courtyard inviting everyone to taste its delicate aromatic meat.
Noodles are hand-made. It is a very subtle art and it is considered that noodles absorb the warmth of a master’s hands. Cooking a real Uzbek pilaf is an ancient tradition in itself and can be considered art. In Beloe solntse pustyni restaurant pilaf is cooked from special kinds of rice strictly observing the proportions. The secret that requires special skill is to make a pilaf light, easy to digest. In our restaurant pilaf is served by a chef who can tell a guest the story and explain the uniqueness of this national dish.

Eugene Demin

Chef Beloye solntse pustyni

Eugene Demin

Eugene Demin


Born in Moscow on January 1, 1975. After graduating from the Moscow College of catering and completing service in the army he started to work as a chef Olympic Penta hotel (now Hotel Renaissance). Here, from 1995 to 1997. He worked with foreign chefs, in particular, with Algerian Amar Touatom. Then there was work in the famous "Cafe Pushkin", then as a chef in "Bavarius" in "Muscat" and Vapiano. Opening elite Kazan restaurant of eastern cuisine "Pashmir" in 2008 - another important point in the culinary biography of Eugene Demin.
In 2010 he began collaboration with Eugene Demin and Arkady Novikov Group - for a secular project he worked on Tatler Club menu. In April 2013 that talented chef headed two restaurants of Arkady Novikov’s "Beloye solntse pustyni" and "Uzbekistan".
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Beloye solntse pustyni
Moscow, Neglinnaya str., 29 +7 495 625 2596, +7 495 625 3393, +7 495 625 2947
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