The concept of #FARШ consists of Natalya Belonogova’s design, Miratorg meat, cuisine of Kamel Benmamar's brand Chef and Arkady Novikov's individual concept. All the ingredients for burgers are prepared in the kitchen of #FARШ, direct deliveries of meat come from Agribusiness Miratorg holding. The rolls for burgers are baked according to the gold standard — 13 centimeters. All the ingredients are fresh, tasty, and natural. The rolls are prepared according to the confidential recipe a brand Chef and the partner of the project – Kamel Benmamar.
The business isn’t limited to burgers. There are salads, chicken wings, ribs, homemade pies and doughnuts. The bar offers a big choice of lemonades, milkshakes and beer. The bar offers a big choice of lemonades, milkshakes and beer. While a customer is waiting for the order «to go» he is offered a cup of coffee or tea at the bar counter for free.
There one can also buy a good piece of meat at the own butchery. Besides, there you can buy branded forcemeat, bread, sauces and, of course, a frying pan for a house burger-party. In addition one is issued the instruction on the individual preparation of a burger.

Moscow, Nikolskaya str., 12, +7 495 258 4205
Moscow, Gruzinsky Val str., 26, bld. 1, +7 499 251 0029
Moscow, blvd. Entuziastov, 2 (Golden Gate), +7 495 287 2496
Moscow, Bolshaya Serpuhovskaya str., 17, стр. 1, + 7 499 237 7401, +7 499 237 7396
Moscow, Komsomolsky ave., 24, bldg. 1, +7 495 937 8848
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Average check:500rub.
Working time (opening time):10:00 – 00:00

We accept (payment):Visa, Mastercard

Number of seats:38