Il'inskoye hgw., 2nd km
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The Prichal restaurant is a simple style in the purest. Forest, river … – a quite natural atmosphere. There is a beach where one can enjoy the summer sun and various drinks and appetizers served from the restaurant. In the fall the forest becomes incredibly beautiful. In the winter the river freezes and it turns to be a skating rink. Therefore the guests are given the ice skates and treated with mulled wine. The interior is all about excess sophistications. The furniture is convenient. Photos of the stars are hanged out so as if they were the beloved relatives. The menu is also absolutely tremendous in the simplicity. Lots of popular appetizers are offered starting from carpaccio and buratta to herring with potato and onions. To eat sushi, sashimi, beaters. Hot dishes – from the tandoor, from a wok, from a brazier, from the smoking shed, from coals. There are also a pizza and many desserts. All gastronomic desires what can only arise in the fresh air will be satisfied. Every weekend at Prichal restaurant for little guests constructs the improvised children's corner.

Sergei Nosov

Chef Prichal

Sergei Nosov

Sergei Nosov


Sergei Nosov was born in Sergiev Posad. He studied at the Moscow college of chef’s number 188. In the restaurant business since 1998: working as a chef in a restaurant "Robinson" (Nizhny Novgorod) In Moscow restaurants Poison and "Boulvar" – as a sous-chef, and "Le tranzhe" and Invino –as a chef. Later he was the chef in "Gadalov" (Krasnoyarsk), and "Cafe Cafe», Blackberry Cafe and Dandy Cafe (Moscow).
Sergei Nosov is a member of the Federation of professional chefs and confectioners in Russia. A Culinary school teacher asks The Chef: Has it been an extensive experience working with foreign chefs.
Sergei Nosov motto: "Saw, Shura, saw. They are golden! "We work hard to have everything well."
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Il'inskoye hgw., 2nd km +7 495 635 4032, +7 495 978 0678
Cuisine:Italian, Japanese, Uzbek, Chinese

Average check:3000rub.
Working time (opening time):12:00 — 00:00

We accept (payment):Visa, Mastercard

Number of seats:250