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There is no fish. There is meat. Eat a lot, often and for a little money. Such a concept is offered by Arkady Novikov in the new project RYBY NET.
The action is developed at the St. Regis hotel - side by side with burger bar #Farш. The main characters are already familiar: ideologist Arkady Novikov, general partner of the Miratorg Agribusiness Holding, brand Chef Kamel Benmamar, Chef Anton Chumbayev.
The design of the restaurant was worked out under the leadership of Natalya Belonogova right after the opening of the burger bar #Farш. At the same time the final concept — a butcher shop with qualitative products and the democratic prices was created. Study of the menu began...
After the hot arguments the final menu appeared very short. In total: 8 snack, soup, chicken, vegetarian burger, 7 desserts, 13 meat dishes. The prices for an example: a toast with veal tails for 150 rub, a prime steak - 230 rub. for 100 gr, a top blade stake - 800 rub, chop-salad with sweet sauce - 400 rub. All the dishes, of course, are prepared on the basis of the first-class marble meat from the Miratorg Agribusiness Holding.
The separate attention is presented to the bakery where work the French masters Olivier Badu and Nicolia Clema. Here daily the fresh bread is prepared for RYBY NET and #Farш, and the well-known French baguette is served to each dish.
Good meat is supplemented by good wine with a comfortable price range. In the bar there is a selection of author's cocktails, but in adequate quantity for a butcher shop.
The project was long awaited. And not for nothing! "RYBY NET" is a new and very desirable format of the restaurants. After all for the capital it is still unusual to receive a product of such high level at such low price.
To be continued …
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Ryby net
Moscow, Nikolskaya str., 12 +7 495 258 4206

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Number of seats:130