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Sirena is the very first restaurant opened by Arkadiy Novikov. The first fish restaurant in Moscow. The first restaurant offering immaculate service, flawless cuisine, and unique design. Sirena has been “the favorite child” of Arkady Novikov for more than 20 years which is an incredible term for a changing metropolis. The restaurant is strictly committed to the principles laid down by the founder, who throughout the time became a legend himself. Sirena has two dining halls. The larger one holds huge aquariums. The second one is famous for its glass floor with carps and sturgeons swimming leisurely underneath. You can enjoy summer days outside on the veranda, also the first one of that kind in Moscow. The menu offers you the best seafood dishes from mullet, turbot and langoustines displayed on ice, live crabs and lobsters and a fine selection of oysters. The kitchen crew creates specialties following the best traditions of European, Russian and Asian cuisine. So it was and so it will be. Consistency is the ultimate mastery. Our proficiency and quality seafood attract the most exacting audience for more than 20 years.

Alexei Gorevoy

Chef Sirena

Alexei Gorevoy

Alexei Gorevoy


A future Career as a chef in the first restaurant of Arkady Novikov began in 1998 in the kitchen as a dishwasher Parisienne from office. Speed, the desire to quickly help in the kitchen, and taking elements from the French Bernard Derua and Daniel Rosamona, and the basics of the culinary profession have made him fruitful - Alexei Gorevoy become a chef. Later, in the “Tretyakov Lounge” restaurant he had to learn from another famous Frenchman - David Desso. Such a school, numerous internships and work on the Riviera allowed Alexey Goreva to enter into the culinary team, who won the Grand Prix in the 2005 Bocuse d'Or, held in Moscow in the international restaurant exhibition "PIR". In 2006 he moved to the next stage – he became a chef in an institution "Chetverg", where he worked for four years, honing not only culinary skills but also managerial skills. In May 2011, Alexei stood at the "culinary helm" of restaurant Sirena.
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Moscow, Bol'shaya Spasskaya ulitsa, 15 +7 495 608 1412, +7 495 608 0200

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