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The first record of the building which now the restaurant occupies dates back to the end of the 19th century, according to the Moscow historical archives. Initially there was a tavern which was very famous in the city. Then the building was sold and a French café was opened instead of the tavern. During the stern post-revolutionary years there was an officer cafeteria and in 1951 the ministry of trade of the Uzbek SSR decided to open there Uzbekistan restaurant. This date marked the beginning of the restaurant’s history
In 1997 new proprietors of the restaurant – Arkady Novikov, Igor Kofman and Vladimir Lisavetsky – decided to breathe new life in this place and began the complete restoration of this unique building. The interior of Uzbekistan restaurant was redesigned by palace restorers specially invited from Tashkent.
The entrance is decorated with heavy carved wooden doors and torches which are the essential part of an oriental palace. They do not only give light but also have a certain symbolic meaning: according to oriental legends they are home keepers. Windows and arcs are embellished with mosaics and carved ornamental patterns.
The complex ornamental pattern proves the excellent craftsmanship of the master who is the only person in Tashkent capable of carving wooden mosaics. The gratings on the windows are made of a durable and expensive sort of wood. Each element was fashioned and assembled manually without a single nail. Nevertheless, it lasts for many centuries. It is a very delicate and unique work.
Each element reproduces fragments used in the decoration of elite oriental houses of the 18th century. Colours and patterns are not random: according to oriental myths they have a great significance for the house and its owners. The ceiling was preserved as it is since the creation of the restaurant. We are very proud of it. There is no other such ornamental pattern not only in Russia but in the whole world.
The ornamental pattern of the walls was completely changed. A whole group of masters had been working for half a year using a complex modeling method to create such a masterpiece. Each petal of the pattern was made with a special instrument. Floors are made of genuine mahogany. Torches, crystal chandeliers and sconces produce the effect of intimate, oriental lightning. Some of them are antique. For example, eight chandeliers above sofas were brought from Uzbekistan and have been hanging here since the opening of the restaurant. All our furniture is hand-carved. As for the vases, they are antique Chines vases. And our flowers are always fresh
After the restoration our restaurant began to look more like a palace from One Thousand and One Nights fairytales than a simple restaurant. Thus, our guests can plunge into the world of luxury and oriental hospitality, to become sultans or padishahs and to experience the pleasures of sheikhs.
During all these years the menu of the restaurant changed many times and you can find there Panasian, Azerbaijani, Arabic and, of course, Uzbek cuisine. The recipes of many dishes have never changed which is a great pleasure for our guests who call them home-made and traditional.
Our chefs strictly follow the traditional recipes of main dishes: shish kebab is prepared on open fire and is served with hot coals, flatbread is prepared in a clay tandoor, noodles are hand-made and cooking of pilaf is a real art.

Eugene Demin

Chef Uzbekistan

Eugene Demin

Eugene Demin


Born in Moscow on January 1, 1975. After graduating from the Moscow College of catering and completing service in the army he started to work as a chef Olympic Penta hotel (now Hotel Renaissance). Here, from 1995 to 1997. He worked with foreign chefs, in particular, with Algerian Amar Touatom. Then there was work in the famous "Cafe Pushkin", then as a chef in "Bavarius" in "Muscat" and Vapiano. Opening elite Kazan restaurant of eastern cuisine "Pashmir" in 2008 - another important point in the culinary biography of Eugene Demin.
In 2010 he began collaboration with Eugene Demin and Arkady Novikov Group - for a secular project he worked on Tatler Club menu. In April 2013 that talented chef headed two restaurants of Arkady Novikov’s "Beloye solntse pustyni" and "Uzbekistan".
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