Rublevo-Uspenskoye hgw., Zhukovka, 70
+7 495 635 3394, +7 916 953 8096, delivery: +7 916 431 0374
Good old restaurant Veranda u Dachi located in Chale near “Dacha” art gallery in Zhukovka is a place both beloved of local residents and Moscovites. In autumn it attracts you with the smell of apples… they chop, sour and spice here. In winter they make snowmen and dance around the Christmas tree. In the evenings they host guests for a fashion show of some modern brand or just without any occasion. Veranda u Dachi has an open kitchen which allows you to watch the chefs mastering specialities from all over the world. Lagman, sushi, pasta or foie gras- the chefs know a recipe for every occasion. Country, shabby shic furniture, colourful oriental carpets, different knick-knacks, bleached walls. And a dresser of course. A cottage wouldn't be cottage and a terrace wouldn't be a terrace without it.
You sit peacefully, with traditional Russian Sushki, honey and a teapot. "At home your hear laughing and voices inside and outside", as a famous Russian poet would say. The restaurant opened on May 1, 2001.

Alexander Lisitcin

Chef Veranda u Dachi

Alexander Lisitcin

Alexander Lisitcin


Born January 23, 1977 in Moscow. He became interested in cooking at the age of 13-14. "Some of my friends liked to fix cars, and myself - to cook for loved ones," - said Alexander Lisitcin.
In 1994 he graduated from vocational college № 189 as a "confectioner." Then there was a service in the army. In 1997, in one of the Moscow restaurants, he learned the basics of excellent skill under the guidance of renowned French chef Michel Balbarane. Later he was fortunate to meet with one of the capitals top chefs Alexander Popov. "He followed me diligently, and with care and responsibility. It was while working with him, I realized that "everything genius was just simple!" And today in cooking try to stick to this statement, "- says the chef.
Alexander Lisitсin graduated in a refresher course on homemade Italian cuisine at the Institute of International Trade and Law. In 2001 - 2008 He worked as a sous chef at the restaurant "Veranda u Dachi." And in 2008 received an atonement for the post of chef here. "In" the Veranda u Dachi "I have been working for 13 years and I can safely call this restaurant an institution of dreams. It is not only a great atmosphere, but what is especially important for me as a chef, are relationships with colleagues built on mutual understanding, and it's all thanks brand chef Vitaly Kim, "- said Alexander Lisitcin. The chef likes to work with spices and appreciates the personal touch to each dish.
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Veranda u Dachi
Rublevo-Uspenskoye hgw., Zhukovka, 70 +7 495 635 3394, +7 916 953 8096, delivery: +7 916 431 0374
Cuisine:Italian, Japanese, Uzbek

Average check:3500rub.
Working time (opening time):mon-fri: 08:30
sat, sun: 12:00 until the last guest.

We accept (payment):Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Number of seats:245