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Yuri Rozhkov

Chef Vogue cafe

Yuri Rozhkov

Yuri Rozhkov


Honours Since 1995 –he has been a member of the Club of French gastronomy; he holds the title of chevalier knight of French gastronomy. 2000 - Gold medalist Russia culinary and service. 2001 - Bronze medalist Russia culinary and service, team competitions, internships in America. Since 2003 – A member of the Guild of Chefs in Russia. Yuri Rozhkov is guided by the following rule: "The gastronomic world needs to diversify, and the guests all the time to seduce to something new." So in the menu at VOGUE Café, all dishes are simple and clear, new offers regularly appear from the chef, dedicated to the new season, for the holidays, for special events. Yuri is constantly looking for new combinations of flavours and creating new recipes in the simple style.
VOGUE Café is the favorite place for fashionable Moscow public. The café once decorated the intersection of Neglinnaya str. and Kuznetsky Bridge always noisy due to the traffic. A point in which everything meets: gastronomic pleasure, life easiness and inevitability of a meeting. Stars are shining for all! All the guests of restaurant are stars! VOGUE Café is like a magnet.
Once you come here to have breakfast you can’t but stay till evening. If you come to have an afternoon snack - then till the morning. Here one comes to watch photos and discuss the latest tendencies.
Fashion is windy, but it is the only thing that never gets out of fashion. VOGUE Café is a story about fashion, today's history. An interior’s dominant – huge lamps and photos, and also chairs of different colors and sizes. The main idea of the author of an interior, British Ann Boyd – "everyone will think up the plot". The "simple" kitchen from Yury Rozhkov isn't so simple at all. His law: "when the initial product is good and fresh, and the cook is talented and courageous, even the most banal Russian salad becomes a masterpiece". The restaurant waits for its guests for breakfast, lunch and for an afternoon snack with sandwiches and fresh pastries and, of course, for sophisticated dinner. The restaurant opened on July 15, 2003.
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Vogue cafe
Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 7/9 +7 495 623 1701
Cuisine:European, Italian, Japanese, original

Average check:1 800rub.
Working time (opening time):mon-thu 08:30 – 01:00, fri 08:30 – 02:00,
sat 12:00 – 02:00, sun 12:00 – 01:00

We accept (payment):Visa, Mastercard, AmEx

Number of seats:124