Arkady Anatolievich Novikov - the first Russian known entrepreneur restaurateur. Born in 1962 in Moscow. After high school, he graduated from Moscow culinary college number 174, and then the Faculty of Economics catering Academy of National Economy. Plekhanov. His professional career began as a cook at the University restaurant. In 1990 he became chef at the famous Hard Rock Cafe. In 1992, Arkady Novikov opened his first restaurant - Sirena, which became the first seafood restaurant in the capital with a new approach to the kitchen, service, decor and atmosphere. This marked the beginning of a new, post-Soviet stage in the development of Russian restaurant business. In 2002, Arkady Novikov organizes own greenhouse " Agronom (Agronomist)" in Gorki-10 (Rublevskoe shosse). Since 2005, he has been engaged in the creation and promotion of environmentally friendly products under the brand NOVIKOV. In 2012, the first restaurant in London opened - NOVIKOV Restaurant & Bar. To date, the famous restaurateur accounts for more than 50 successful projects, four of which are in London.
The Arkady Novikov Group - has more than 20 years of leadership in the restaurant business and more than 50 successful conceptual projects. Their distinctive features are: an impressive geography - prestigious areas not only in Moscow but also in London, gastronomic delights from top chefs, contemporary interior design, impeccable service and a comfortable atmosphere. Connoisseurs of Soviet aesthetics choose democratic people's bar "Kamchatka". Politicians prefer the "Tsarskaya okhota "Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse, the artistic elite - BOL'SHOI a status restaurant, British sports stars and celebrities - London Novikov Restaurant & Bar. In hedonists mecca Chips await lovers of noisy parties, for fashion trends go to Vogue Cafe and Tatler Club. The Arkady Novikov restaurant projects meet the needs of the most diverse audiences. Arkady Novikov Group - a dynamic company that is constantly opening up new projects and is actively developing new directions. To date, in addition to restaurants, cafes, bars, The group of companies includes: Novikov TV, Novikov Catering, Novikov Catering For Business Aviation, a network of floristic salons "Studiya tsvetov 55 (Flower Studio 55)" Real estate company segment luxury Mainstreet, a company producing and delivering healthy diets food Just For You, greenhouse complex, OOO "Agronom (Agronomist)", Charity funded Group Arkady Novikov. Arkady Novikov Group was established in 1991