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Bakhtiyar Aliyev

Chef Barashka na Petrovke

Bakhtiyar Aliyev

Bakhtiyar Aliyev


Bakhtiyar Aliyev was born in Baku. Manifested a passion for cooking since childhood, he watched with interest how his mom cooked. Work in restaurants started at 17 and by 20 - he led the kitchen of one of the institutions of Baku. After some time, here in Baku, he opened his own restaurant. After doing an outdoor restaurant projects from scratch, as well as working as a chef in Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro.
Since 2008 Bakhtiyar Aliyev is in the Guild of Chefs Russia.
In 2011 he became chef of Arkady Novikov’s "Barashka na Petrovke", and in early 2014 took the position of brand chef all three "Barashka."
According to Bakhtiyar Aliyev, the most important thing in the culinary arts - is the quality of products and where they are produced. For example, for restaurants "Barashka" mutton, vegetables and herbs are specially imported from Azerbaijan. For the guests of Moscow restaurant "Barashka" Bakhtiyar Aliyev expertly adapts under European taste the dishes of Caucasian and Azerbaijani cuisine.
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Barashka na Petrovke
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