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Vladimir Bogodjavcev

Chef Salon

Vladimir Bogodjavcev


Vladimir Bogodjavcev always interested in cooking. Even when he was a child, he watched his mother and grandmother were cooking, tried to help them. At that time he decided to be a cook when he grows up.
He started his career as a cook in the Gusyatnikoff restaurant (Novikov Group), then he grew up to a sous-chef. Later he worked as a sous-chef in the BOLSHOI and after that created a menu for the Luce with his colleague Alexander Ibragimov. He worked in the Chaikovskiy cafe, the Vysota 5642, the 15/17 BAR&GRILL, and since March 2019 he is a chef of the Salon restaurant.
He prefers a simple cuisine - fresh ingredients and tasty dishes.
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12 Kutuzivskiy Prospect (building 2) +7 (905) 504-09-86

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