10 Lenina st., Voronezh
+7 (473) 20 20 500

Vladimir Popov

Chef Syrovarnya Voronezh

Vladimir Popov


Vladimir Popov started his career at the age of 17. He worked as a sous-chef in the Garmoshka, the El Chico and Marriott hotel restaurants in Voronezh. He was a sommelier in the Milano Ricci. He cooked dishes from Russian, Italian, Turkish and French cuisines. Also, he worked with foreign chefs.

Vladimir thinks that the quality of the products is the most important thing in cooking. A happy guest will return to the joint if everything was good.
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Syrovarnya Voronezh
10 Lenina st., Voronezh +7 (473) 20 20 500

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