How can you remember the restaurant? I remain in memory of the food, the atmosphere and the people who work there. It is not even important how many times they came and poured the wine, it is important how they communicate, move, and react. The staff on the floor - are 50% of the success. If the waiter says a rude word, no interior, and no kitchen can help. At Arkady Novikov we offer interesting work in a variety of projects. The company has its own system of training and promotion of employees. Our employees have a unique opportunity to participate in the gastronomic show, competitions and programs, interesting educational programs, professional exhibitions, educational gastronomic trips. The restaurants have their own football teams who regularly take part in football team competitions between Moscow restaurants. And win. Once again proving that for every project - it is a unified team, with a good understanding of each other. It’s exactly the people working together, which create the exceptional atmosphere in our restaurants. We offer a very challenging but very rewarding work. Anyone who really wants to learn the restaurant business – Will get the opportunity here. e-mail: resume@novikovgroup.ru; for torus positions: topmanager@novikovgroup.ru. Phone: +7 495 984 8263.

e-mail: resume@novikovgroup.ru;
для тор-позиций: topmanager@novikovgroup.ru.
Телефон: +7 495 984 8263


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